New Waterford Girl

Comedic Feature Film


  • Director Allan Moyle
  • Starring Cathy Moriarty, Andrew McCarthy, Mary Walsh, Nicholas Campbell, Lianne Balaban, Tara Spencer-Nairn

“Funny, generous and exuberant, Allan Moyle’s New Waterford Girl, revisits that well-trodden rites-of-passage motif … with effortless empathy and highly specific local colour…Mooney Pottie…is a memorable character that newcomer Lianne Balaban embodies with a singular brand of gawky poise.” – Village Voice, New York

In New Waterford, a rundown little town on the edge of the Atlantic, two teenage girls develop an unlikely bond. Mooney Pottie, a melancholy loner, has lived in the town all her life, and desperately yearns to leave. Lou Benzoa, a loud, brassy girl from the Bronx, has just moved to town with her mother, fleeing a mysterious past. She absolutely loves her new home, although she’s having more than a little trouble learning to fit in. Together, Moonie and Lou help each other discover their real hopes and dreams. A fierce, funny hyper-twist on the “coming of age” theme.