Vertical Productions Inc. is the development, production and consulting company owned and operated by Ann Bernier and Christopher Zimmer. After selling their interest in IMX Communications Inc. to DHX Media Inc. and donating their 25 year library of film and production information to Dalhousie University Library, Ann and Chris have continued a 30 year history of developing and producing quality documentary and feature films in Nova Scotia.

Currently, they have international co-productions under way with companies in China, Mexico, Venezuela, the UK and New Zealand. With experience and the firm belief in maintaining long term creative and business partnerships, Vertical Productions knows that the creation and retention of Intellectual Property is the basis for a sound future and continues to invest in creation of IP.

We believe in fostering new talent and to that end have worked as Executive Producers, consultants, mentors and fans of Nova Scotia’s young and emerging talent — writers, actors, producers, musicians, production and post-production crew people. We are proud that many of the interns, employees, aspiring writers, actors and musicians have gone on to significant careers in their chosen fields.

the team

Both partners have long histories in the film, TV and digital media world in Nova Scotia and Canada. Ann has worked for Telefilm Canada, Strategic Partners, IMX Communications Inc. and is on many volunteer boards such as WIFT-AT, Atlantic Filmmakers Co-op, and The Devour Film Festival. Chris was the first CEO (interim) of Film Nova Scotia, has served on the boards of CMPA, the Atlantic Film Festival, and NSFPA.

Ann Bernier

Alt TextAnn Bernier has been working in the film and television business since 1988 when she began working at Telefilm Canada's Atlantic office. For 12 years, she spent much time nurturing new upcoming filmmakers and producers, overseeing much of the television and feature film development projects and later the new media fund. Ann was instrumental in establishing a new program for emerging filmmakers. One of the first projects to come out of the program was the critically acclaimed Parsley Days by Andrea Dorfman.

Ann left the public sector and joined the Atlantic Film Festival to produce the international co-production conference Strategic Partners (Canada and the UK in 2000 and Canada, Spain and Latin America in 2001).

She has been an independent producer since 1999. Ann was Director of Operations and Development at imX Communications Inc. which produced such award winning coproduction films as Margaret’s Museum staring Helena Bonham Carter, Love and Death on Long Island staring John Hurt and Jason Priestly, New Waterford Girl. She was the producer of Thom Fitzgerald’s The Wild Dogs and the feature documentary Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey. She was the Executive Producer on Rohan Fernando’s feature film Snow. Ann is co-producer on Donna Davies’ feature documentary film Fanarchy produced for TMN, HBO Canada and Epix in the US. She is co-producer with John Walker his latest feature documentary Quebec My Country Mon Pays for the documentary Channel and working again with Walker on his next film Assholes: A Theory.

She is executive producer on the recently completed television documentary En Francais S.V.P. for UNIS by Fabien Melanson and is mentor on a number of other projects. She is has been an active member of WIFT-Atlantic, sits on the board of the Atlantic Filmmakers Coop and a member of DOC, CMPA and Screen Nova Scotia.

Christopher Zimmer

Alt TextChris Zimmer is an award winning filmmaker who, for want of a producer for a documentary project, started his own company, imX communications, in 1985. He went on to become one of Canada’s leading feature film producers, specializing in international co-productions. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia he averaged a film a year for 25 years including Love and Death on Long Island, Margaret’s Museum, New Waterford Girl and Partition. Chris has partnered on co-productions with a wide variety of producers from the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Estonia, Venezuela, and the United States. He also founded Helix Animation in 2000 which did a variety of animated television projects including the series For Better or For Worse.

In 2009 he sold imX communications to publically traded DHX Media and turned to pursue the writing and development of projects such as Sable Island Radio; a literary thriller based on an award winning novel The Outsider, a dystopian drama set in a future London to be directed in 2017 by Alberto Arvelo; Nachi and the Land of Xo – an animated feature now in production with Mexico. He is involved as an Executive Producer and consultant with a number of emerging filmmakers.

Zimmer is currently a Partner in Vertical Productions — a media content development and production company. Vertical Productions currently has a slate of film, television, and transmedia projects underway. Currently in pre-production on Harry’s Island — a set in Nova Scotia television film for ARD and Munich’s Ariane Krampe Filmproduktion.

our work

Instrumental in transforming Atlantic Canada into a hotbed of film and television activity. Here are some select projects...
  • Partition
  • The Wild Dogs
  • New Waterford Girl
  • Love and Death on Long Island
  • Margaret’s Museum
  • Una Casa Con Vista al Mar (A House with a View of the Sea)
  • The Divine Ryans
  • The Real Howard Spitz


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